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  • ICEX-NEXT Export Initiation Program
    ICEX-NEXT Export Initiation Program
    GMS Internacional, SL has engaged in the ICEX-NEXT Export Initiation Program and has had ICEX support and co-financing from European FEDER Funds. The purpose of this support is to contribute to the international development of the company...

Specific solutions for every professional:

Investors & PV Solar developers

Preliminary engineering and consulting, and administrative services for PV solar project sites.

Engineering and Construction firms (EPC)

Detailed engineering and consulting services for PV solar project sites.

Architectural Firms

Geotechnical Engineering, deep and shallow foundations analysis, earth movement design, slopes, drainages, and the like.

Our comprehensive range of tests and surveys includes geotechnics, hydrology, topography, the environment, and civil engineering.

GMS Internacional: a “one-stop shop” which combines the services of geotechnics, hydrology, topography, the environment, and civil engineering.
Find out how we can help you with your surveys and tests and discover the benefits of centralising and placing all of your needs in the hands of one sole provider.

Discover our geotechnical engineering solutions

Geotechnical research and soil risk assessment

Managing complex projects requires specialised and professional surveys. GMS Internacional leads the field in carrying out research campaigns in geology, geomorphology and geotechnics in areas which are difficult to access, remote or isolated.

Hydrological risk assessment

The principal aim of hydrological assessments is to determine the level of hydrological and hydraulic risk for all types of infrastructures.  In particular, at GMS Internacional we specialise in producing hydrological and hydraulic analysis for photovoltaic plants, wind farms and other urban projects and infrastructure.

Geotechnical, civil, and hydraulic engineering

Geotechnical engineering is a discipline which incorporates aspects related to geological engineering and geotechnical engineering.


GMS Internacional is proud to count on the expertise of an associated topography team which undertakes topographic projects all over the world. All topographic field work in Spain is carried out by our Spanish team, whereas overseas projects are planned, managed, and processed by our team in Spain in close partnership with local overseas groups working in the field.


GMS Internacional has a long-established track record of producing assessments on the environment, environmental management, and systems of environmental management. Since its inception in 2007, our company has sought to highlight these types of studies by incorporating the concept of Environment in its name.

One-stop-shop concept

Work methodology: getting the best results

In recent years, GMS Internacional Group has developed its own methodology for tackling the technical study of large-scale photovoltaic projects. In particular, this methodology influences soil risk assessment.

This methodology has had considerable success, so much so, that is has been adopted as a benchmark by many of our clients in preparing their Terms of Reference, and also by many of our competitors. However, for GMS Internacional the creation of this new methodology is not enough, and so we have  developed, broadened, and improved it even further.

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