Specialists in the design of pavements, rural roads, highways, and junctions.

We design pavements, roads, and highways according to the different regulations and technical codes applicable to each country.
At GMS Internacional, we apply the mandatory regulations in each case so that the relevant design parameters are considered within the project. The following are just some of the parameters which we verify:

> Establishing equivalent axes
> Determining the resilience modulus of the base and sub-base
> Loss of service capacity (serviceability)
> Total damage sustained
> Loss of aggregate due to erosion
> Thickness of the base course
> Transformation in the sub-base

In the design of access roads to electrical substations, we follow the codes of each country or each region. For example, in the case of Mexico we use the ESPECIFICACIÓN CFE 10100-68 «DISEÑO PARA CAMINOS DE ACCESO A SUBESTACIONES» (CFE SPECIFICATION 10100-68 «DESIGN FOR ACCESS ROADS TO SUBSTATIONS»).
When we are required to analyse materials used to form the base course and sub-base, our team of geologists visit aggregate quarries in order to select the materials and test them in the laboratory.  Following this analysis, we compare the data with benchmark standards to ascertain whether or not it is suitable for use on roads or highways.

The final design for roads and highways is carried out using ACad software, and includes construction plans and road signs and markings.

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