Specialists in geological and geotechnical exploration.

Specialists in photovoltaic projects

GMS Internacional specialises in photovoltaic projects and has developed its own work methodology in order to guarantee a greater understanding of the inherent risks involved in this activity.


At GMS Internacional, we integrate all of the technical surveys and studies which are necessary for the design and implementation of a given project. In addition, we provide on-site project monitoring, which enables us to test and design as the project progresses.    


GMS Internacional is able to provide quality services in record time. When it comes to photovoltaic projects, our time-management know-how is better than any other company in our sector.

Managing complex projects requires specialised and professional surveys and assessments. GMS Internacional leads the way in carrying out research campaigns in geology, geomorphology and geotechnics in areas which are difficult to access, remote or isolated.

From urban environments to remote deserts and rainforests, seismic zones and snow-capped mountain ranges, our teams travel to the project site, providing our know-how, leadership, and empathy to countries with limited resources.

Thanks to our highly-specialised team, with experience in 5 continents, we are able to nourish our studies with the optimal information required for the successful execution of a project.
If your project requires field studies focusing on soil risks,  then we can provide you with the best solution.

The following are just some of the field studies and surveys which we carry out:

  • Preliminary surveys for site assessments of solar farms
  • Detailed geomorphological surveys of flood zones, seismic risk zones, areas with expansive clay or other similar geological risks
  • Geotechnical surveys for the building of solar farms and wind farms, for the construction sector, for industry, or for public or military infrastructure

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