Overhead power lines and electrical substations.

The GMS Internacional group has extensive experience carrying out geotechnical, hydrological, and topographical surveys, as well as other engineering work on high-voltage lines and electrical substations around the world.

As specialists, we adapt to strict local regulations in this field, making us the ideal partner for global companies in the electricity sector.

Each agency has primary and secondary regulations that affect our surveys and assessments, especially in relation to geotechnics and civil engineering. In Mexico, for example, there are also specific regulations on hydrological studies. But this is not the only country which has developed its own set of regulations. Similarly, in Chile or Malaysia, they have developed their own regulations or adapted them from other countries’ regulations.

It is common, however, that the different regulations require us to carry out rotary mechanical soundings with sample extraction and SPT (Standard Penetration Test) at every certain depth. On the HV (High Voltage) lines, it is a common requirement to excavate trial-pits up to 3m deep with sample collection for laboratory analysis.

From our offices in Spain, Mexico, and Chile, we undertake all of the surveys and assessments stipulated by regulations for this type of facility, with all of the necessary guarantees:

  • Geotechnical studies using rotary mechanical sounding and SPTs.
  • Hydrological and hydraulic surveys
  • Engineering design for earthworks, foundations, drains and roads
  • Topographical surveys

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