Engineering Services for Investors and Developers of PV Solar farms

Engineering and consulting services focused on the technical and administrative assessment of PV Solar farm projects, alongside all technical dimensions thereof: from sites analysis, feasibility studies and preliminary engineering design, to the project construction design, through permitting and technical field studies.

GMS Internacional is an Engineering Services Specialist and Technical Advisor (ESS&TA) for investors and developers of PV Solar projects around the world.

At the project outset, while investment risks, costs and viability of the project are being evaluated, it is essential to count on a professional partner who actually has an in-depth knowledge of each and every step throughout the project life-cycle, so that it is effectively evaluated, with the highest possible objectivity so that the decision-making process is comprehensive and trustworthy.

Preliminary site studies

  • Geotechnics and prior geophysics of the plant and substation.
  • Preliminary pull-out tests.
  • Soil and environmental corrosion studies for steel poles.
  • Hydrological studies, flooding and previous drainage. Soil infiltration studies.
  • Initial topographic survey.

Technical studies

  • Plant capacity technical studies.
  • 3D Rendering
  • Preliminary Project Design:
    • Layout of the solar plant
    • Electrical Line Concept Drawings
    • Substation Concept Drawings

Land management

  • Location of land and owners liaison (only in Spain and Italy)
  • Management of expropriation files.
  • Procedures in front of Administrations (Industry, energy, REE, ENDESA, IBERDROLA, Environment, City Council, etc.)
With more than 650 photovoltaic projects evaluated on 4 continents , GMS Internacional has become a world benchmark in the evaluation of all technical aspects surrounding the investment and development of a photovoltaic infrastructure, from administrative risks, through the evaluation of the soil risk (geotechnical, hydrological, topographic and environmental), to risks related to the construction of the plant itself. The services that GMS Internacional offers to investors and developers of photovoltaic plants begin with a careful process of land selection, urban and environmental feasibility studies, administrative project, and executive technical project, as well as the different necessary procedures in front of national, regional and local agencies and councils.

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