Laboratory for the analysis of soil index properties, soil mechanics and chemical analysis.

GMS Internacional has recently incorporated a soil mechanics testing laboratory into the group. The laboratory consists of a variety of testing equipment for soil, chemical, physical-chemical, and mechanical characterisation and identification.

The laboratory currently carries out the following tests:
  • Soil classification (AASHTO / USCS)
  • Granulometric analysis by sieving (UNE 103.101-95)
  • Atterberg Limits (UNE 103.103-94 / 103.104-94)
  • Dry and wet density (UNE 103.301 / 94)
  • Humidity (UNE 103,300 / 93)
  • Laboratory penetrometer
  • Red-Ox Potential (ASTM G200 – 09)
  • pH (BS 1377-3: 1990)
  • Electrical resistivity
  • Thermal resistivity (KD2Pro)
  • Temperature
  • Direct Shear (UNE 103-402-98 / BS 1377-7: 1990)
In addition, GMS Internacional has an extensive network of external laboratories in different countries with which it collaborates to meet the needs of each project. In this way, we send samples for tests such as:
  • Normal and Modified Proctor (UNE 103-500 / NLT-108/091)
  • CBR (UNE 103 502-95)
  • Expansiveness and swelling in the odometer (UNE 103-405-94)
  • Triaxial Compression (UU, CD, CU)
  • Simple compression on soils and rocks
  • Chemical tests for soil corrosivity according to AWWA C-105, DIN 50 929 and NACE standards
  • Chemical tests for corrosivity against concrete (according to EHE8, UNE-EN 16502)

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