By implementing this Integrated Management System we are committed to meeting the specified requirements of the Clients, the legal and regulatory ones, and others that may subscribe, as well as the organization’s own internal ones, and we define a process of continuous improvement of our activity:

Geotechnical Assessment, Topography, Hydrology and Environmental Assessment services.

The activities that GMS Internacional Group carries out:

  • The Management acquires the commitment to provide the tools for the consultation and the participation of workers and having workers’ representatives.
  • In relation to the Circular Economy, the Management commits to:
    • Promote it among its stakeholders, and integrate it into their strategic processes and operations.
    • Guarantee the necessary resources for the design, implementation and continuous improvement of Circular Economy strategies.
    • Actively communicate to all stakeholders involved in the economy strategies circulate the importance of compliance with the procedures, the achievement of the objectives and the consequences of breaches.

This Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety and Circular Economy Policy has been implemented, communicated and is kept up to date at all levels of the organization with the full commitment of Management.

Juan P Singer