The Team behind the GMS Internacional Group
(Spain · Mexico · Chile)

Since the inception of GMS Internacional in 2007, our team has been growing and adapting to the changing circumstances of the market and the economic environment. The Group is currently made up of companies in Spain, Mexico, and Chile, in addition to having an extensive network of collaborators in various countries. The professionals who form part of GMS Internacional all hold higher degrees in geological engineering, civil engineering, mining engineering, geology, environmental sciences, and geophysics, as well as our team qualified in administration and accounting.

In line with our internal policy, our objective is that the people who are part of our team feel integrated, supported, and trained in order to be able to give 100%. To this end, at GMS Internacional we actively implement and encourage work-life balance, providing our collaborators with a flexibility that is unusual in other companies. Such flexibility is not synonymous with decentralisation, disorganisation or lack of coordination, but quite the opposite: by having more flexibility to combine personal and family life with the pace of projects and day-to-day activities,  increased and better use is made of working hours, thereby concentrating effort where and when it is most needed. In this way, nothing is neglected or postponed due to lack of resources. Flexibility unwittingly forces us to be better organised and to have better internal coordination so that everything continues to function with the necessary quality, punctuality, and reliability.

The team is led by the Managing Director, who is ultimately responsible for all of the company’s activities and services in Spain, Mexico, and Chile. We then have the Operations Director, the Technical Manager, and the different Project Managers of each area. Finally, Junior technicians and collaborators complete the team.

Organizativamente, la empresa se divide por Departamentos Horizontales, los cuales e integran por varios miembros con especialidades cruzadas:

  • Management
  • Administration and finance
  • Geotechnics and Geophysics
  • Hydrology
  • Topography
  • Environment
  • Soil Mechanics and Chemistry Laboratory

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