Topographical surveys for photovoltaic, wind power, civil, and building projects.

International scope

GMS Internacional is the only company that can carry out topographical surveys in practically any country in the world.

Experts in solar and wind projects

We know exactly which details are necessary to consider in the survey.


We inform our survey with flood assessments, environmental assessments, and civil engineering studies.

GMS Internacional is proud to count on the expertise of an associated topography team to undertake  projects all over the world. All topographical field work in Spain is carried out by our Spanish team, whereas overseas projects are planned, managed, and processed by our team in Spain in close partnership with local overseas groups working in the field.
Our team has more than 20 years of experience carrying out topographical surveys, evaluation of boundaries, measurements,  stake-outs, and all types of studies related to topography. Since 2012, the team has expanded to include specialists in the field of renewable solar and wind power projects , which are typically different from other types of projects.
Our team is equipped with various drones,  GPS RTK, and total stations, and can also count on additional personnel depending on the location and circumstances. In areas with abundant vegetation or high-growing crops, drone flights are not recommended due to precision loss in the z coordinate. However, in those terrains where the vegetation allows it, the drone has proven to be a faster and more precise tool than those which are currently used in the field of topography.

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