Construction design of drainage systems and other hydraulic structures.

GMS Internacional specialises in the integration of technical studies for photovoltaic plants, wind farms, highways, and other infrastructure.  Over the last 10 years we have remained true to this vision and have incorporated new services into our existing portfolio of services. Among them is the construction design of drainage systems.
In particular, we specialise in the design of drainage systems for renewable-energy projects, both solar and wind power alike.  These projects present their own unique challenges, one of the principal challenges being that they cover vast expanses of land, and are often in remote locations without any surrounding infrastructure.
Furthermore, these types of projects tend to be disaffected by specific applicable regulations, which means that the criteria of the expert is vital when it comes to determining the design parameters.

We are proud to boast a team of geologists and engineers trained for the task with extensive experience in renewable projects all over the world.

When it comes to technical studies, our comprehensive approach allows us to gain a deeper understanding of potential problems which might affect a given project.  This last point is perfectly illustrated in the specific case of drainage systems, whereby GMS Internacional is able to carry out all of the prior studies and surveys in-house, ranging from geological-geotechnical surveys to hydrological-hydraulic surveys. The precise knowledge made available through these surveys informs and feeds into the design of the drainage structures.
Our hydraulic engineering team is in constant dialogue with the client and is tasked with making design proposals which are subsequently endorsed  by the client’s own technical team, until the required consensus is reached. In the event that the client does not have a technical team for the purposes of endorsing the design proposal, our team will recommend the best solution for the client from a technical and economic perspective.  We endeavour to find the best solution for a project in terms of cost-effectiveness, time efficiency and technical efficiency.

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