Design of foundation structures for  photovoltaic plants.

GMS Internacional has developed its very own software called  AEPO(R) for the purpose of calculating and modelling the behaviour of foundation poles for solar panels in photovoltaic plants. This software is underpinned by three fundamental elements: the type of terrain, the type of foundation structure, and the design loads of the superstructure on which the panel is mounted and supported.
By analysing the interaction of these three basic elements using numerical methods, we can determine the best type of pole for each type of terrain and, consequently, the amount of steel required for the construction of the foundations. This model enables our clients to have better economic planning, greater certainty when it comes to defining the resources necessary to build and lay the foundations, which in turn means less overall financial risk for the building project thanks to the foundations.

In addition, we offer our clients a detailed study of the construction design of the solar poles in accordance with the technical specifications requested.  This study includes both a geotechnical verification and a structural verification of the profile, as well as a corrosion analysis of the galvanised steel and its long-term effects on the stability of the structure, all in accordance with ASTM regulations.

The team which is devoted to this field of work is made up of civil engineers and geological engineers with vast experience in the solar industry,  all of whom understand perfectly the requirements of these types of project and the key players involved, from investors to developers, and finally the company hired to assemble the structure.
This tool has proven to be a big success and many clients are choosing GMS Internacional as their one-stop provider of geological, geotechnical, and structural solutions for their photovoltaic projects.

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