Geotechnical, Hydrological, Topographic and Environmental Studies for Architecture and Engineering Firms.

Geotechnical engineering services, calculation and dimensioning of superficial and deep foundations, improvement of the terrain, slopes, drains, earthworks, embankments and any other structure necessary in the work.

GMS Internacional is a specialist in providing technical services for architecture and engineering firms around the world.

From the most incipient phases of the project to the construction stage, GMS Internacional provides technical solutions for civil engineering and geotechnical, hydraulic and topographic engineering that optimize project costs from the outset. In this sense, we integrate solutions aimed at giving a holistic perspective of the project , thus being able to detect all the risks that arise throughout it and anticipate problems during construction and post-construction.

Studies in the design and construction phase

  • Geotechnical and geophysical study with constructive detail.
  • Geophysical studies for the characterization of landfills, landfills and other “brownfiled” infrastructures, as well as for MASW and Downhole seismic studies.
  • Studies of contaminated soils (phases I to IV).
  • Studies using georadar to detect buried services, archeology, cavities, etc.
  • Studies by means of dynamic plate and CBR for dimensioning of pavements and platforms.
  • Soil and environmental corrosion studies for steel structures.
  • Hydrological, hydraulic and flood study. Drainage design. Modifications according to earth movements. Soil infiltration studies.
  • Constructive topographic survey, project delimitation, site monitoring and stakeout.

Construction Projects

  • Drafting of the construction project.
  • Construction management.
  • Construction monitoring on site.
  • Design of roads and access roads.
  • Drainage network design.
  • Earthworks design.
  • Design of trenches and slopes.
  • Design of shallow and deep foundations.
With more than 1000 projects carried out in 4 continents, GMS Internacional is a world reference in the evaluation of all technical aspects surrounding the construction of residential, commercial or military buildings, urban developments and partial plans, roads and highways, photovoltaic and wind infrastructure, from administrative risks, through soil risk assessment (geotechnical, hydrological, topographic and environmental), to risks related to construction. The comprehensive services that GMS Internacional offers for architecture and engineering firms are unique, and there are no companies of our size on the market that can undertake on-site studies and infrastructure design at the same time.

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