Location: Mérida, Spain

Services provided: Geotechnical survey, Pull-Out test, Design of steel pole foundations

Year: 2019

Megawatts: 300

Description: This project included the performance of 100 mechanical trial pits, 50 dynamic penetration tests, 50 vertical electrical resistivity tests, 50 thermal resistivity tests, sampling for laboratory analysis.

Once the field tests had been carried out, all the data was analysed, and a geological-geotechnical model of the terrain was prepared by area. This modelling enabled us to characterise the different zones of the plot geomechanically and to establish the design of the superficial foundations (slabs, single footings, continuous footings) and semi-deep foundations (steel pillars for photovoltaic panels).

The driving and Pull-Out tests made it possible to determine the driving depth in each area of the plot reliably and also characterise with greater reliability the optimal profiles to be used according to the stratigraphy of the terrain and the design loads to be used in the design of the supporting structure.