Location: Telangana, India

Services provided: Hydrological Survey and Drainage

Year: 2018

Description: The hydrological survey consisted of evaluating the flood risk of a solar plant which had already been built and was affected by severe floods during the monsoon months. In this project, the main objective was to identify the areas most affected by the floods and to propose efficient drainage measures to avoid damage to the infrastructure. The survey consisted of obtaining the maximum rainfall and flow rates for return periods of 50 and 100 years and developing 2 two-dimensional models, the first using the current topography, and the second using the modified topography according to the proposed drains. The elaboration of the model with the modified topography allowed us to evaluate the degree of effectiveness of the proposed measures and the need to install wells and drainage pumps in the most critical area, where changes to the topography were unable to solve the problem.