Preliminary design of drainage structures for photovoltaic plants, wind farms and civil infrastructure.

In addition to the hydrological and hydraulic modelling (water velocity and levels) described in the previous phase of the hydrological survey, we then proceed to define the drainage flow lines according to the slopes of the terrain, the lay-out of structures throughout the plant and the potential discharge points of each project. Once the drainage lay-out has been defined,  we then calculate the internal and perimeter channel sections using simple calculation methods such as HCanales software, among others, which use the Manning equation.

In the latter phase of the project, and once the drainage system has been defined and agreed with the client in accordance with the project requirements,  the hydraulic engineering team of GMS Internacional then proceeds to build the design of said drainage system using AutoCAD with the purpose of providing the client with the necessary construction plans to execute the work on the ground (see our section on hydraulic engineering).

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