Location: Puebla, Mexico

Services provided: Geotechnical Survey, Road Design, and Corrosion Analysis

Year: 2018

Megawatts: 100

Description: This project included carrying out 30 mechanical trial pits, 25 bearing capacity tests, 30 dynamic penetration tests, 14 vertical electrical resistivity tests, 50 Pull-Out tests, 24 thermal resistivity tests and the taking of samples for laboratory analysis. The tests made it possible to determine the driving depths and to characterise the optimal profiles to be used according to the stratigraphy of the terrain and the design loads to be used for the design of the supporting structure. In addition, thanks to the results of laboratory tests, any possible corrosion problems in metal structures driven into the ground were ruled out. Finally, the study included the preliminary design of the access road and the thickness of its base pursuant to standard 6.1-IC.