Geological and geotechnical research of photovoltaic plants, wind farms, roads, and other infrastructure, with global reach.

Carrying out geological and geotechnical research on a given terrain is the first step to undertaking any type of building work.  A complete and precise survey undertaken by professionals is the key to ensuring that the design of a project is executed correctly and that it contemplates any risks or hazards which might arise from the terrain itself. The scope of geological and geotechnical research includes reviewing scientific literature,  carrying out exploratory campaigns, mapping, sampling, and laboratory analysis. The purpose of said exploration is to obtain design parameters for foundations, which includes ascertaining the bearing capacity of the ground versus the load requirements and stresses, expected maximum settlement, differential settlement, active and passive lateral earth pressure, etc.

The information obtained from the exploratory campaign is synthesised in the Geotechnical Report, which presents the results of all of the studies carried out, together with data analysis, and geotechnical recommendations for the design of the foundations and the structure.

It is vital that the building developer hires a highly-qualified team to carry out these geological and geotechnical research campaigns, otherwise, it will incur extremely high risks in the subsequent design and construction phases, which could result in paying far higher costs than those derived from commissioning a thorough geotechnical survey beforehand,  which comes with all of the necessary guarantees and covers all of the scopes of the project.
GMS Internacional is made up of a team of highly-qualified geologists and engineers with more than 20 years of experience, all of whom are trained to undertake geological and geotechnical surveys of any level of complexity in any part of the world. In recent years, GMS Internacional has undertaken surveys and research primarily in Mexico, Chile and Spain, although we have expanded our portfolio to other geographical regions such as the Middle East (especially Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Dubai), Central Asia (India and Afghanistan), Latin America (Argentina, Colombia, Panama), Africa (Nigeria, Uganda, Egypt, Djibouti, Angola) and Europe (UK, France).

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