Environmental assessments, environmental impact assessments, and contaminated soil assessments.

Specialists in photovoltaic projects

We specialise in making assessments of environmental corrosion and soil corrosion specifically for photovoltaic projects.

Extensive range of geoservices

We cover the entire range of studies needed for solar and wind projects, including environmental impact assessments, contaminated soil assessments, environmental due diligence, or strategic environmental assessments.

Complementary studies

We incorporate our environmental assessments into the value chain of risk assessments for solar or wind projects.

GMS Internacional has a long-established track record of making assessments on the environment, environmental management, and systems of environmental management. Since its inception in 2007, our company has sought to highlight these types of studies by incorporating the concept of Environment in its name.
At the start of our journey, we began by carrying out contaminated soil assessments primarily in Spain, although later on we began to incorporate assessments related to the environmental management of companies in the industrial sector. It was not until 2010 that we started to devote our energy to producing strategic environmental assessments, which are closely related to environmental impact assessments.
From this holistic and comprehensive perspective, GMS International approaches each project with the most appropriate and perfectly optimized tools for each specific case. The possibility of combining areas as diverse as contaminated soil assessment, industrial pollution assessment, or environmental assessment, enables us to tackle complex projects in a way that no other company of our size is able to do.

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