Calculation of foundations, bearing capacity, settlements, slope stability, retaining walls, pole design, pavement design, road design, platform design and drainage system design.


We specialise in solar and wind power projects, without losing sight of other sectors such as urban and road development, building, or industrial.

Multidisciplinary approach

We use a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach which combines our knowledge and experience in civil, hydraulic, and geotechnical engineering in order to optimise our analysis and resolution of complex problems.

Regulatory expertise

We have vast experience of working in different countries, which has enabled us to acquire detailed knowledge of their different regulations, as well as their best applicable practices.  This gives us a massive advantage over exclusively local competitors or international consultants who are new to the local market.

Geotechnical engineering is a discipline which combines aspects related to geological engineering and geotechnical engineering.  In short, geological and geotechnical engineering examines the interaction between terrain and structure, thereby allowing us to design foundations efficiently and safely which are suited to each type of ground condition, together with the appropriate safety factors.
Consequently, this field involves the expertise of geologists who are trained to undertake geological-geotechnical exploration campaigns, and also civil and geological engineers, whose knowledge of soil and rock mechanics enables them to produce accurate terrain modelling prior to the subsequent design of the foundations or other ground structures. The geologists and engineers of GMS Internacional have longstanding experience in the field of geological and geotechnical engineering, with more than 20 years working in different sectors.

In recent years and notably since 2012, we have focused primarily on renewable energy projects (solar and wind power).  Prior to this date, our emphasis was more heavily placed on the construction and road infrastructure sectors. GMS Internacional is currently in a phase of expansion and consolidation. We have broadened our horizons and opened ourselves to new sectors and areas of activity, and especially to engineering design.
In particular, we carry out:
  • Geotechnical terrain modelling based on Eurocode 7 and other internationally-recognised criteria.
  • Construction design of poles for photovoltaic plants in accordance with Eurocode,  AASHTO, ASTM or other regulations, using  CYPE3D(R), Pile(R), Autocad Civil(R) and our own software(R).
  • Building recommendations for superficial and deep foundations depending on the different regulations and technical codes.
  • Construction design of pavements, rural roads, or highways, in accordance with national or continental regulations, such as AASHTO, the Spanish Roads Directorate or others
  • Construction design of drainage systems using  Autocad, Autocad Civil, etc.

Thanks to the strong international nature of GMS Internacional, we adapt to the design and construction regulations applicable in each country.

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