At GMS Internacional we are aware that we are living through a moment of great global transcendence. A time of change. The crisis of 2008, the crisis of 2010, the Coronavirus crisis … perhaps more will come. However, we want to send a message of optimism to our workers, our clients, suppliers, friends. Times of change are also moments of opportunity and challenge.

At GMS Internacional we intend to ride this wave of opportunity and challenge by continuing to provide a high standard of work, from wherever that may be, either from our homes, as is the present case, from our offices or from out in the field where we carry out our studies, surveys and assessments.

Today, in one of the most critical moments of recent times, the orchestra has not stopped playing, but is more in tune than ever and sounds like a balanced Mozart symphony. The Coronavirus crisis has forced us to uphold great discipline and organisational skills, as well as permanent communication with our customers and suppliers so that our geotechnical, hydrological, engineering and topographical surveys continue to be of a high quality and provide the necessary added value to the photovoltaic projects which we are part of.

GMS Internacional was also strengthened during the years of greatest economic crisis because it knew how to navigate its way through the turbulent waters of the world economy; because he knew how to see a way forward and equip ourselves with key players and the best equipment to do what we knew how to do best, which the team members enjoyed most. The opportunities that are now opening are numerous: greater awareness for the transition to green energy, greater capacity for collective sacrifice, greater global reach through our offices in Spain, Mexico, and Chile and our presence in key projects the world over such as the largest solar-power plant in the Middle East.

In the same way, the challenges are also multiple: becoming a larger and more prestigious global player in a volatile economy, expanding our services to a greater number of sectors in new developing countries, or growing organically without having to go to traditional credit markets.

There are many challenges and opportunities alike. In the face of the Coronavirus crisis, we have seized the gauntlet and accepted the challenge of positioning ourselves among the largest and most internationalised companies in our sector.

I have no doubt that: together we will make it!!