GMS Internacional wants all of its clients, partners, providers, and friends to know that we are BACK TO WORK! In Spain that is, given that we have not ceased our activities for a single moment in Mexico and Chile, and have always worked in accordance with the strictest protocols when it comes to safety and preventing the spread of COVID-19.

As of tomorrow (Tuesday), our field teams will be travelling around the country again to resume work on the photovoltaic projects for which we have been instructed to provide our services.

Let us hope that the administrations are sensitive both to safety measures against the pandemic and to the possibility of carrying out work with a certain degree of normality, without obstacles or continuous halts of work by the authorities. That would only lead to a loss of confidence and increased uncertainty. We must do things properly, safely, but without excessive obstacles. Administrations must understand that the only way to combine these two things -health & safety, and economic security- is to have a robust public health system, untainted by political allegiances, to ensure that pandemics like this never cause a health disaster on this scale again.

In Chile, Mexico, and other territories, we continue to work in accordance with the  “new normal”, taking all the necessary precautions and measures to prevent our workers from becoming infected or transmitting the disease. Our overseas teams have internal prevention and protection protocols, as well as PPE and necessary products such as gels and soaps.