While continuing to provide our highly specialised services in geotechnics, hydrology, civil engineering, topography, and the environment, GMS Internacional is fully committed to the health of its workers, customers, suppliers and, in general, to the whole of society and the supply chain in the fight against COVID-19. In all of our offices, as well as on our field trips and on site, our teams have adopted all of the available measures to protect and prevent the spread of the virus. To get around, we use double-row vehicles, we put on masks and gloves, and we always carry disinfectant gel. We have limited our physical meetings in the offices to the maximum and, when we have to get together, we always do it following this same protocol. Laboratory personnel carry out daily disinfection of the work area at the end of the day.

We pay our suppliers, especially those most unprotected by the crisis, as soon as they start delivering the service, or as soon as they have completed their jobs, even if this causes a cash-flow mismatch. That is why we ask our clients to also try to pay for our services as soon as possible to avoid spreading a chain of defaults throughout the entire economy.

By maintaining these protocols throughout the entire service chain, we have managed to continue our work without major complications in all the territories in which we operate. And as soon as we can resume air travel, we will continue to do so in the rest of the world. We will continue supporting our clients and creating wealth by employing as many professionals as possible, wherever we work. And we will remain committed to the renewable energy sector, and especially photovoltaics, which is a source of job creation and clean energy, without which humanity has no future.